Monday, 7 September 2009

A Twilight Wedding

i wrote this tutorial on the 7th of September,2009  for juliestutorials.

A knowledege of paintshop pro is needed
paintshop pro i used version 12,Any resemblence to any other tutorials
is purely coincidental.

supplies needed
all elements I used are in scrap kit

Scrapkit called don't let me fall dad Twilight kit by Heartbeatz Creationz you can buy
the kit from here
mask of your choice or the one I used WSL mask 226 from here
font of your choice I used Waza LT Pro

Lets begin

open all your elements in paintshop and minimise for now

Open  a new image 700 x 700 pixels

Copy and paste paper 3 as a new layer

Copy and paste element 7 resize to 600 pixels twice,

copy and paste element 21 and resize to 500 pixels and duplicate twice

Copy and paste elements 23 as a new layer and resize 600 pixels

Copy and paste element 22 resize to 600 pixels and duplicate 3 times
I placed two glasses together so it looks darker

copy and paste element 6 and 400 pixels

 copy and paste element 13

Copy and paste element 4 with the pick tool stretch out a touch

Copy and paste  element 20 and resize to 300 pixels and duplicate and mirror it

Copy and paste bride and groom 1 resize to 600 pixels twice

Close off white background and paper 3 layers and merged visible the other layers

Resize the merged layer to 600 pixels and open other layers

Click on the paper layer and go to layers load save mask load mask from disc
choose a mask of your choice and apply it, I used WSL mask 226

Right click mask layer and delete then merge group using your pick tool stretch out
your mask layer see my tag for reference

Merge all layers visible and choose 2 colours from your tag for your text
choose  a font of your choice I used Waza LT Pro

Add any copyright and watermarks,merge visible and save tag as a jpeg

hope you enjoyed my tutorial and thank you for trying  :)

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