Thursday, 10 September 2009


i wrote this tut on 10th of sept,2009 for julies tutorials
Any resemblence to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.

supplies needed

A knowledege of paintshop pro is required
you also need paintshop pro,i use version 12
animation shop

scrapkit is called bellas lullaby by danielle go here
plugin for the effects go here for a trial
font of your choice
mask of your choice or the one used WSL MASK 344 find it here

Open a new image 700 x 700 the white background

Choose a paper of your choice are used paper 5 and choose a mask
and apply your paper, I used WSl mask 344

Copy and paste Bella and Edward as a new layer

copy and paste moon 2 as a new layer and resize to 400 pixels

Copy and paste Bella and Edward frame as a new layer

Click inside the frame using your magic wand and add a new layer
choose another paper of your choice I used paper 2 and paste into selection

Copy and paste bow 2 as a new layer and resize to 200 pixels and duplicate
go to image and mirror

Copy and paste candle 1 and resize the 200 pixels

Copy and paste candle 2 and resize to 300 pixels

Copy and paste candle 3 and  resize to 150 pixels

Copy and paste bear as a new layer and resize to 500 pixels and place
inside frame

Duplicate your mask layer twice, crossed out the top to mask layers
click on the first mask layer

Choose two colours from your tag and write out your text

Add any copyright's and watermarks.

If you want to animate

Go to effects plug-ins xenofex constellation and apply settings as follows
star size 3.07, star variation 10,edge star density 1, overall star density 1,
overdrive 100, twinkle amount 100, twinkle rotation 45 and make sure keep original
is selected, press ok.

Cross out mask layer 1 and open the next layer apply the same settings as above
but this time press Random seed once

Repeat the same with your last mask layer and press random seed once,
 if you wish to you can change the settings for different effect

Cross out mask layer 2 and 3 and copy merged into animation shop click edit and paste
as a new animation

Go back into paintshop cross out mask layer 1 and open number 2 and
copy merged into animation and paste after current frame

Repeat again with mask layer 3 and paste after current frame, you should now have
three frames in animation shop, right click your image and view animation

I resized my tag to 500 pixels go to edit select all animation and resize animation

I also went to animation frame properties and changed the display time to 50 if you like
How your animation looks go to file and save your tag as a gif and your done

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