Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I Love Rock

i wrote this tut on 9th of sept,2009 for julies tutorials
Any resemblence to any other tutorials
is purely coincidental.

supplies needed

A knowledge of paintshop pro is needed
paintshop pro i used version 12
animation shop

scrapkit is called grunge rock by ziggy thank you sweetie here
tube of your choice to use the one i did you must have a licence
my tube is by the fantastic my fav artist marco guaglione go here
Mask of your choice or Mine are used WSL mask 286 go here

open all supplies in paintshop

lets begin

Open a new image 800 x 800 on the white background

Copy and paste a paper of your choice i used paper 5

Add a mask of your choice or use mine that I used apply your mask then delete mask layer
and merge group

Add a new layer and drag the bottom and flood fill the colour of your choice

Copy and paste T-shirt 2 as a new layer and resize to 600 pixels

Copy and paste bass guitar as a new layer

copy and paste the drums as a new layer

Copy and paste music notes as a new layer and place onto your tag
using your pick tool stretch out music notes

Copy and paste iPod as a new layer and go to image and resize by 600 pixels

copy and paste a tube of your choice and resize if needed

Using your magic wand click inside your iPod and add a new layer and duplicate
twice, I added  images of the same artists as your tube paste each image
into selection

Copy and paste sticker 3 as a new layer and see my tag reference

Copy and paste heart 2 as a new layer and resize to 400 pixels

Copy and paste star as a new layer and resize to 300 pixels duplicate and mirror the star

Crossed out your iPod layer, the images and merge all other layers visible

Add any wordart and text with a font of your choice

copy and paste your tube as a new layer and resize if needed

open up your ipod and your first image right click your image a copy merged into animation

in animation go to image and paste as a new animation,cross out your first image and open
your 2nd and do the same as you did with image 1 paste it into animation after the
current frame and repeat with your last image

right click your image and view animation you will need to slow down your animation
how slow you want it is up to you,i did mine at

click animation and go to frame properties and i changed the display time to  50 then view
your animation

the tag is abit big so i resized mine go to edit&select all in animation shop and go to
animation and resize animation i resized mine to 500

go to file and save your tag as a gif and thats it your done

hope you enjoyed my tutorial,thanks for trying it any questions please leave me a comment thanks :)

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