Friday, 23 October 2009

Winter Glitter (animated)

if you want to see it animated please click HERE ,thanks 

I wrote this tut on 23rd of october,2009 for julies tutorials
Any resemblence to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.

supplies needed

you also need paintshop pro,i use version 12
A knowledge of paintshop pro is needed
animation shop

other supplies needed

scrapkit used baby its cold outside by JTsDesigns ,you can buy this beautiful  kit from here
tube used Rachel Anderson you need a licence to use her amazing work go to C.I.L.M
mask used WSL MASK 354 go here
font of your choice

lets begin

Open a new image 700 x 700 pixels on the white background

Copy and paste frame 3 as a new layer click inside frame using magic wand
go to selections modify and expand by five, add a new layer and choose a paper
from your kit and paste paper into selection, select none drag paper layer
under frame

Copy and paste Christmas tree1 at a new layer and resize to 500 pixels

Copy and paste decoration4 as a new layer and resize to 400 pixels, duplicate
go to image and mirror

Copy and paste candle as a new layer and resize to 400 pixels

Copy and paste snowflake3 as a new layer and resize to 900 pixels then again
800 pixels

Copy and paste snow happy as a new layer and resize to 300 pixels

Copy and paste a tube of your choice or one of the poser that comes with the kit

Duplicate the tree two times rename them tree1,2 and 3, close off2 and 3 and activate
tree 1

Go to effects plug-in xenofex 2 constellation using default settings, make sure
Keep original image is checked

Next close off tree1 and open tree2 add the same settings but this time press
the random seed button once, click ok

Repeat the above step with tree 3, once done close off 2 and 3

Copy and paste a paper of your choice and add a mask, I used WSL MASK 354 and
apply a mask, right click mask layer and delete then merge group

Copy and paste a word art of your choice if you wish from the kit and resize if required

I wrote Winter glitter and a name with two colours from my tag

add any copyright's and watermarks to your tag

open animation shop

make sure your tree 1 layer is active, right click tag copy merged and go into animation shop

Let's  animate

click on edit paste as a new animation, go back into paintshop close off this layer
open tree 2 right click your tag copy merged go back into animation shop

right click image and paste after current frame, repeat this step with tree3, once done
you should have 3 frames, right click image and view animation, if happy go to edit select all
the into animation and resize animation, I always resize to 500 pixels

and go to file and save as a gif, well done your finished

thank you so much for trying my Tut's I hope you enjoyed it.

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