Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Fairy Sparkles

Fairy Sparkles

i wrote this tut on the 25th of july,09 for julies tutorials

you will need

A knowledege of paintshop pro
paintshop pro i used version 12
animation shop 3
scrapkit by touch me called magic night dreams
(all elements from kit) HERE

open a new image 650 x 550 and choice a paper from the kit i used paper 7
copy and paste as a new layer onto your image

add your elements i used see mine for placement sparkle 4,frame 3,flower nat 1
rainbow moon,fae,butterfly 1,moon 2 and sparkle 5

click inside your frame and add a new raster layer then choice paper 3
and paste into selection on your new layer

on your fae layer i used my freehand tool and went all around the stars
then promote selection to layer saying on this layer dupilicate twice add some noise go to adjust>add/remove
noise,click on your first layer and add the noise,click on 2nd layer
and press the uniforn button twice,then the 3rd layer click 3 times
and then select none.

click on your paper layer above your background and add a mask of your choice
go to Layers - Load/Save Mask - Load Mask from Disk.
then delete your mask layer and merge group.

add your name

if you want to animate
open animation shop

1)close off duplicate layer 2 and 3 and click on no 1 ,right click your image window
and copy medged and bring into animation shop
click edit in animation shop and paste as a new animaton

2)go back to paintshop and close one down and open no 2 and repaeat steps 1 and do the same for
no 3 each time you paste after current frame you should now have 3 frames
right click and view your animation

3)resize and save as a gif

thanks for trying my tutorial hope you enjoyed it :)

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  1. Hi Julie!

    I hope you are well and I want to thank this fine tutorial that you made with my scrap, I am truly honored by this very good work you've done with it.

    Thank you and I have published on my blog

    Rose aka Touch Me