Friday, 24 July 2009

The Dark Goddess

The Dark Goddess

this tutorial was written by myself on 24th of july.09 for julies tutorials,
Any resemblence to any other tutorials
is purely coincidental.

paintshop pro x2
tube by dark yarrow
gorgeous scrapkit called belle notte by dark yarrow
mask of your choice
font of choice

1)Open New Image 600 x 600,open your tubes in paintshop and minimise for now

2)open frame 23 from the kit and copy and paste onto image

3)using your magic wand while holding down the shift key (key above Ctrl )
click inside your first part of the frame
go to selections>modify>expand it by 4
add a new layer and drag underneath your frame
open up image 1 in the kit
add a new raster layer and drag under mask,
then copy and paste your paper into selection
selections none.

4)repeat no 3
choose another paper of your choice i used image 2 and 3
and do the same with the other part of the frame
i colorized my images

5)copy and paste your tube and go to image>resize to your liking
and place see mine for reference

6)copy and paste a paper of your choice onto your image and drag above
your white background
Now open up the mask, Layers - Load/Save
Mask - Load Mask from Disk.
then delete your mask layer and merge group

7)use any elememts you wish and resize as required i used bow 4,bow 9,cross2,candle4
glitter 4,butterfly4,doodle glitter 4 and heart 9

8)add you name font of choice and any copyright

thats it thanks for trying out my tutorial

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