Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I Wrote This Tut On the 20th Of  March  , 2013 for Julies Tutorials
Any Resemblance To Any Other Tutorials Is Purely Coincidental.

Supplies needed

Paint shop pro use version x5, but any version is ok
A knowledge of paint shop pro is needed

Other supplies needed

Tube of choice: I used the artwork of  Alex Prihodko
You must not use use the same tube as me unless you have a licence to do so
You may purchase the tube and license from HERE
Scrap Kit:  I used a beautiful kit by sleek n sassy
You can find the kit HERE
Mask of choice: I Used mask 223 which is by WeescotslassCreations
Font of your choice

1) Open a blank canvas 800x800 we can resize later
C/p paper 5   as a new layer

2) Next, go to layers>load/save mask>load mask from disk, choose a mask
And apply it, then merge group

3) Copy and paste Element16 as new layer and with the magic wand
Click inside frame>go to selections>modify>expand by 5 click ok

4) Add a new raster layer drag under your frame.
And Copy and paste paper 10  into selection.
Then Select none.

5) Next copy and paste a tube of your choice and resize if needed

Elements I used
6) Copy and paste  Element10 as a new layer and resize to 50%
7) Copy and paste  Element2 as a new layer and duplicate and mirror then flip
8) Copy and paste Element1 as a new layer and resize to 50%
9) Copy and paste Element3  as a new layer
10) Copy and paste Element17 as a new layer
11) Copy and paste Element11 as a new layer and resize to 50%
12) Copy and paste as Element20 and   Element38 a new layer
13) Copy and paste as Element24  a new layer and resize to 60%
14) Copy and paste Element16  as a new layer and duplicate and mirror then flip

15) Next add your name, any other text and copyright info

16) Once all done, merge your tag visible go and resize if you wish

17) Go to file>export and save as a JPEG OR PNG

your all done ,I hope you enjoyed doing my tutorials and found it easy to follow if not please let me know, always remember my tuts are just a guard for you so have fun with them, thanks very much hugs from Julie x

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