Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Dreams In Fantasia


scrapkit fantasia by bitsnbobs HERE
tube used  by AnaRasha at HERE
font of your choice i used scarlett ribbons

i wrote this tutorial on the 25th of august,2009  for juliestutorials.
Any resemblence to any other tutorials
is purely coincidental.

A knowledege of paintshop pro is needed
paintshop pro i used version 12

open all your supplies in paintshop

lets begin

1)open a new image 800 x 800 white background we can resize later if needed

2)open frame 3 and copy and paste as a new layer

3)copy and paste paper 1 as a new layer drag paper layer under frame layer

4)copy and paste dove 4 and place onto frame duplicate dove and mirror it

5)now copy and paste the feather 2 and place where mine to right side of your frame
then copy and paste your feather 3 and place to the left of your frame at the bottom

6)copy and paste bubbles 1 and place under doves place between the doves

7)now copy and paste bling 2 and resize until you get the size required and place under the blur feather

now repeat step 7 with bling 1 but place under pink feather

8)copy and paste bow 1 and place on the top of the frame under the doves

9)copy and paste light ray 2 and place in the left corner of your image
do the same to light ray 3 place into the left corner

10)next copy and paste your light ray 4 but this time place into the right corner

11)copy and paste diamond rain 2 and resize to your liking and place onto your image

12)copy and paste sparkles 3 and resize duplicate and mirror and place where you like

repeat step 12 with sparkles 2 and see my tag for placement

13)copy and paste the angel as a new layer and place between the doves

14)copy and paste the flower gem 2 and place to the left at the bottom of the tag
copy and paste the flower gem 3 and place to the right at the bottom of the tag
lastly copy the flower gem 1 and place see my tag for reference

15)add your name choose to colours from your tag i choose pink for outline and blue
as a fill,write out your name and place where you wish and add a drop shadow

16)copy and paste the tube of your choice i placed mine just on top of my name

add all copyright and watermarks,merge all layers visible go to image>resize to 400 pixels

17)go to file and export as a jpeg and thats it your done

i hope you enjoyed my tutorials ,thanks for trying :)

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  1. hi mum very nice tut you did nice job do one for me with my name on it