Sunday, 29 January 2012

Snow Princess

I Wrote This Tut On 29th Of  January ,2012 For Julies Tutorials
Any Resemblance To Any Other Tutorials Is Purely Coincidental.

Supplies needed

You also need paint shop pro,I use version 12,but any version is ok
A knowledge of paint shop pro is needed
also i animated this is optional plugin used DSB FLUX bright noise
you also need animation shop

Other supplies needed

Scrap kit  used snow is falling and   its  by  diane aka candystreats
tube of your choice i'm using a tube  by  Keith Garvey
you need a license to use his amazing work purchase from HERE
mask 83 used is by weescotslass creations
Font of your choice

Lets begin
Open a new 700x700 transparent image
Select all,Copy and paste paper  1 into selection
Select none,Apply mask
Then Merge group.

go to layers and add a new raster layer and floodfill with write
and drag underneath the mask layer

copy and paste Snowswirl frame1 as new layer and
With the magic wand click inside frame.
Expand selection by 5

Add new raster layer under frame.
Copy and paste paper 19 into selection.
Select none.

copy and paste a tube of your choice and resize if required

and then copy and paste the following elements from your kit and
arrange on your tag

Snowballs Falling and resize to 80%
Snow-bauble1 and resize to 50%
Snow-bead and resize to 50% duplicate a few times
Bow3  and resize to 50%
flower3 and resize to 70%
Ribbon1 and resize to 70%
Winter-Flair1 and resize to 70%

Add © info and name,i used glitter from the kit for text ,Merge visible
And Resize as needed.

If you wish to animate the tree like i did please carry on if not save your tag

duplicate the tree 2 times and make sure you select raster 18 your first tree
go to Effects>dsb flux>bright noise and use theses settings
intensity 50
direction darker press darker button once then press ok
select your next tree and do the same as before but press darker twice press ok
and then do again on your last tree press darker 3 times press ok

next open animation shop

close off both duplicated ,select first one and right click tag
then copy merged,go into animation shop
edit>paste as a new animation go back into paintshop
close off first tree select second tree back into animation shop
right click tag and paste after current frame back into paintshop
and repeat using your last tree

right click your tag to view animation if its ok ,go to edit>select all then
animation>resize animation and resize to 500pxs

once done go to file>save image as and save as a gif

Thanks for trying my tutorial hope you enjoyed it :)

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