Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Forever Yours

I wrote this tut on 3rd of August,2010 for julies tutorials
Any resemblance to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.

Supplies needed

You also need paint shop pro,I use version 12
A knowledge of paint shop pro is needed

Other supplies needed

Scrap kit Eternally yours(a twilight wedding)  by designed by stina
You can buy this kit from Here
poser is by © Medievil Creations
mask 363used is by weescotslass creations
Font of your choice

Lets begin

Open a new image 700x700 on a white background

Copy and paste HeartFrame01 as a new layer

add a new raster layer and choice a paper of your choice and copy
and paste into selection,selection's none
and drag paper under the frame

Copy and paste any elements of your choice or use the ones that i did
And please see my tag for placement of elements

I used these's elements as follows:

c/p DBS_Balloons resize to 500 pixels
c/p DBS_WeddingInvitation resize to 400 pixels
c/p DBS_WeddingRings resize to 400 pixels
c/p DBS_TiedRibbon07 resize to 400 pixels
c/p DBS_DiamondHeart resize to 400 pixels
c/p DBS_Splatter
c/p DBS_Sparkles04
c/p DBS_RosePetals01
c/p DBS_RibbonRose01
c/p DBS_HeartSpill02
c/p DBS_Hearts01
c/p DBS_Diamonds
c/p DBS_WordArt04 resize to 500 pixels

Copy and paste a tube of your choice or use one of the cookies
that come with the kit And resize if needed,i resized mine to 400 pixels

Copy and paste a paper of your choice on your image as a new layer
make sure the paper is above the white layer at the bottom of your layer

Go to layers>load/save mask and load mask from disk,
Choose your mask then apply it and delete mask then merge group

Choose 2 colors to write out your name with a font
Of your choice.

Add any copyrights and watermarks,Merge all layers visible

resize your tag if needed,I always Resize mine to 500 pixels

Go to file>export and save as JPEG or png

Thanks for trying out my tut ,hope you enjoyed it,if you have
Any questions or comments please leave me a comment  :)

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